Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Men seem to be fascinated with all parts of a women's body, but derrieres and breasts evidently get particular attention--not only from the male sex but from the fashion industry as well. Having practically bared breasts in recent times, attention has now shifted to buttocks. What's so intriguing about that part of a woman's body?

Well, first of all, like breasts, they come in varying sizes and shapes. They seem to vary somewhat from one ethnic group to another, providing variety to the observer. They also sway, move, and swing--providing variety that way as well.

The tight jeans of today's styles help to draw attention to that part of the body, but there is nothing new about that. Previous generations of women emphasized buttocks with heavy padding--and what about the bustle? But we've added the thong, and we all know that the thong is part of our history.

Interest in the buttocks often starts in childhood. It's a part of the body that can't be seen--it is a source of curiosity and sensual pleasure. Toilet training focuses a lot of attention on our rear ends. Children are told it's naughty and not to be tolerated if that part of the body is exposed, but it doesn't prevent them from trying and seeing the reaction.

Women notice men's buttocks too and men's fashions caters to that interest as well with tight jeans and low waistlines even exposing underwear and the "crack." What it all points to is an increasing recognition of the fascination of the human body. What's next? What will happen to fashion if nudity becomes the new new thing!

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Becky said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date on which part of the body is the next new thing. Why do societal trends move around in terms of what part of the body we are obsessed with and and who decides this? It is interesting that studies show different forms of government (such as communist and democratic) portray sexuality in different ways such as on magazine covers. According to Erica Jong, there is a difference in Democrats and Republicans in their connection with sexuality. With a popular new Democrat in the White House we may see new interests budding everywhere.