Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bagging it!

Currently, women seem to be obsessed with bags - formerly referred to as pocketbooks, purses, or handbags. Like breasts and buttocks, they come in all sizes and shapes; and like many things in our society, the bigger the better! Some bags are so big that the people carrying them seem dwarfed in comparison and are less noticed than the bag.Why this love affair with bags? They are not the best way to carry around all the many things women seem to need to get through their day. They tie up the hand that is used to carry them; or, if they hang from a shoulder strap, a bag can slip or bump against a woman's body or the body of someone else. Maybe the bump may increase the wearer's body awareness of someone else's body. Bags can cause fatigue or backache because of their weight if carried around all day. They can be misplaced or lost or even snatched by a stranger, sometimes in a violent way! They my cause a moment of panic if an object being searched for seems lost in the bag's deep interior.Men don't have a great way to carry around their needed objects, but they definitely need much less. What they do need they stuff in their pockets, often having difficulty in remembering which pocket, and often ruining their pants over time. A rare man will sometimes use a bag, only to worry that his sexuality is being questioned. Men seem indifferent to the problem of transporting their stuff, but women seem to love their solution to the problem.Many bags sell at excessively high prices and thus serve as a status symbol of wealth and fashion know-how. What matters the cost if it serves to have men and women look at this extension of themselves with envy and admiration. But because of manufacturing technology today, women of lesser financial resources can also swing and sway bags almost identical to the original but at a fraction of the cost. No matter - real or knock-offs - women love their bags and their ability to draw attention to themselves. Added to their ability to do so, because of their size, it is the rainbow of colors they can choose from in selecting a bag. Black is no longer the color of choice - it's green and red, purple, turquoise, fushia, yellow...It's the grown-up delight with all those colorful crayons of childhood!The bags' only rival today is the knapsack, which both men and women use, but it has a utilitarian image. It doesn't swing and sway like breasts and buttocks. It doesn't call out to be noticed; its colors are dull and there is no hint of feminine secrets within. For the most part, they are used by younger women; however, the bags know no age limit.Undoubtedly, women will find another way in the future to carry their stuff. But one thing seems likely - there will probably be more stuff to carry around!

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