Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Voice of the Siren

There are many voices within me that I have listened to in the course of my long life. I can trace them back to my early childhood. Their messages have been loud and clear and I’ve always listened to them with little resentment or conflict. I’ve been obedient to their content. "Be a good girl. Be kind. Be caring. Work hard. Reach for the golden ring on the carousel. Don’t envy others because you have so much to be grateful for. Be proud of what you do, what you are."
But there’s another voice that has always been there, silent, making no demands, causing no trouble. I guess it never had a chance to be heard against those other voices, so clear, so confident. Lately, that other voice, silent for so long, has begun to murmur, to make its sweet voice audible.
"Come roam the city streets with me and try to catch the tender petals drifting from the trees. Come dance with me. Taste the salt in the ocean waves. Linger in your sensuous bed."
Now I listen for that voice, let it seduce me, let it lure me down unexplored roads, desire new possibilities. Now I welcome its siren call!
How fortunate I am that that voice is no longer silent and I can enjoy the pleasures it offers me, sometimes in reality, sometimes in fantasy.

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Ted Roth said...

I just learned of your blog, and I love it. I've read the first page, and I'll be back for more. This entry struck me most directly. I wonder, have I always been a wanderer? -not in the sense of traveling and seeing the world, in fact, that can be sometimes more purpose-directed, but in usually only doing things I like doing.

You've accomplished a great deal and raised a wonderful family that loves you. Do you wish you'd followed the siren song more long ago? Thanks so much for sharing.